High Tech Battery Chargers and Power Management Systems
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EHIP Battery Charger The EHIP Light Battery Charger is used for charging the EHIP batteries used during an EVA.
EHIP-PGT Adapter
The EHIP-PGT Adapter allows the EHIP Charger to charge the PGT battery.
Intravehicular (IVA) Tool Battery Charger
IRMU - Initiator Resistance Measurement Unit
LEHIP is the new LED helmet light used during EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity / Space Walk). It replaces the EHIP.
Rechargeable Extravehicular Battery Assembly is used to power the video cameras mounted on the top of the space suit helmet and the glove finger tip heaters.
Simplified Aid For Extravehicular Activity Rescue
X-38 CRV
The X-38 Crew Return Vehicle project was designed to develop the technology for an emergency Crew Return Vehicle (CRV), or lifeboat, for the International Space Station.
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