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SAFER Line Drawing

Simplified Aid For Extravehicular Activity Rescue

SAFER, is a small, self-contained, propulsive
backpack device that can provide free-flying mobility for a spacewalker. This jetpack’s primary purpose is to safely return the spacewalker to the ISS if he or she accidentally becomes untethered. Attached to the spacesuit’s display and control module is a hand controller, similar to a joystick, which operates various combinations of thrusters to propel the astronaut back to the safety of the ISS. Each of the 24 fixed-position thrusters expels nitrogen gas with a force of 3.6 newtons (less than one pound of force). The astronaut can move the SAFER up and down, back and forth, and side to side, and yaw, pitch, and roll by manipulating the hand controller. The nitrogen is contained in highly pressurized tanks that cannot be recharged in orbit. If the SAFER is used, a Space Shuttle must bring a new unit to the ISS. Used units will be brought back to Earth and recharged for future use.

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