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NASA Projects

AERCam / Mini AERCam

Mini AERCam - (Miniature Autonomous Extravehicular Robotic Camera)

AERCam was intended for external inspection and remote viewing of human spaceflight activities.


BOS (Battery Only SCOUT)

Shown is the 1-G Lunar Rover Vehicle, an autonomous Mars / Moon buggy concept vehicle developed under the SCOUT (Science, Crew, Operations and Utility Testbed) program.


EHIP Light Battery Charger

The EHIP Charger has four stations used for charging the EHIP batteries which are used during an EVA. With the use of an adapter it can charge two PGT batteries.

The charger is shown with one EHIP Battery and one PGT Adapter attached.


SAFER - Simplified Aid For Extravehicular Activity Rescue

SAFER, is a small, self-contained, propulsive backpack device that can provide free-flying mobility for a spacewalker. This jetpack’s purpose is to safely return the spacewalker to the ISS if he accidentally becomes untethered. Attached to the spacesuit’s display and control module is a hand controller (joystick), which operates thrusters to propel the astronaut back to the safety of the ISS. Each of the 24 thrusters expels nitrogen gas.

Summit Products provided NASA with the SAFER Battery Fuel Gauge, GSE (Ground Support Equipment), and Gauge Test Fixtures


X-38 Crew Return Vehicle (CRV)

The X-38 Crew Return Vehicle was a prototype of the CRV emergency crew return vehicle, or lifeboat, for the International Space Station.